Ameteur photographer seeks mens clothing?

Photographer and film maker would like to obtain mens used sportswear and jockstraps for a film regarding rugby ,If you could help me in any way please contact me with ideas ,Thank You,


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You would do well to purchase new jockstraps for the models and give them to them ahead of time so they may break them in. I know you want to achieve the realistic look, but some models may object to wearing someone else's undergarments.

Where other sporting gear is concerned, there are a number of second hand sporting goods stores that may have a lead on some uniforms; alternately you can try someplace like Goodwill, Salvation Army, or any other second-hand store.

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Find out who handles Public Relations for the companies who sell this kind of merchandise (you can usually find this on their websites...look for a Press or Media Enquiries link. Contact the relevant PR company and discuss it with them - they are usually good for giving away some free merchandise if it means they can generate a bit of publicity out of it for their companies. Might even generate a bit of publicity for yourself and your film into the bargain.

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Eeww, used jockstraps?
I'd tell you to try the Salvation Army stores, or GoodWill, but I don't think they take used undergarments. Worth a try anyway...

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Join you local freecycle group and ask on there. Someone will have something.

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How very peculiar .Jock straps indeed ,I smell a rat

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Do you really need USED jockstraps.

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Warning! Pervert alert!!

Clear off,'d be a bit more convincing if you could spell "amateur" correctly.

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