A TV Chef and international rugby player share the same name.What is it?


Can FIJI win the London sevens?

Dr Brian Turner played for England in the 1870s.

What date does the world cup rugby start?

Are you thinking about Matt Dawson.he is an international rugby player and he won the Celebrity masterchef.but I don't know if this qualifies him to be classed as a TV chef...

Bulls against the Waratahs?

i give up...sorry

St Helens Rugby League or Hull FC, who do you think will win tonight?

dont have a clue sorry!!!!1

Who are the worlds best rugby players and teams?

Gary Rhodes?

If the Millennium Stadium has a closed roof why is the pitch in such a state?

Raymond Blanc

Would someone explain the rules of rugby to me?

Delia Smith

Should the whole of the Scotland team be punished?

Oliver?? Anton & Jamie

Can I get recruited playing womens rugby?

The answer to your question is Phil Vickery.

What ever happened to Janah Lamu?

Austin Healey - sorry that's a car not a chef.

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