Are you excited when you see the All-Blacks ?

Question:They have so beautiful bodies, they are so so strong,so speed,so magical...

I"d love to touch them,to do some special things with them...This team is a real fantasy...


What is the most jumps on a pogo stick in one minute?

I think you need a psychological cure.

Who is the highest ever points scorer in international rugby?

no I don't get excited at all - I think that their stupid hacka should be made illegal in Rugby Matches

Why hasnt anyone put a rugby player on the gridiron or vica vica if nuthing else u could have the most punter?

I saw them and had no idea who they were. They were all lined up at the beginning of game and I said "How many referees?" Thats how much I know about rugby for ya!

Has anyone seen the terrible record of the british lions in the southern hemisphere?

Absolutely. I can't contain myself...

Italian games?

A lot of sportsmen have beautiful bodies and some have bl00dy ugly ones. The All Blacks team have both of these.
As for touching them and doing special things with them..well, each to his own I guess!

have you had your daily medication? or are you just strange?

Whats wrong with Paul O'Connell?

i dont get excited and not like u i dont wanna touch them,but they r a great team they always have been and always will be,the newzeland all-blacks and the south african team r my two favorite teams they r probably the two best teams around!!!!

Greatest Rugby 7's player?

wat u mean?

How do you think england 7s are going to do in dubai and george?

no i prefer liquorish allsorts.

Who will win the Rugby world cup?

yes absolutely. and the hukka is amazing. they are clearly the best side in the world. the maori's are just too strong. there's a huge cultural difference between new zealand and england in some ways. and i think its this difference which makes NZ better rugby players. they're are just tougher all-round. england need to learn to play rugby again.

Who thinks hull fc will win salford city reds tomorow?????

Yes - they are quite simply amazing to watch. A very technical and able team!

Rugby - How To book for under 10's?

absolutely the best (I don't know that I want to touch them or do anything to them though, nor do I notice much about beautiful bodies). They are the standard all other teams are going to be measured by...

There should be more hakas with throat kutting gestures and other tough stuff we all learn from them!!

Ka Mate Ka Mate Ka Ora!
Ka Mate Ka Mate Ka Ora!

When does the rugby season start and finish in the u.k. ?

Dude, let's be serious, you're a guy, and so are they! Do I get excited when I see them - hell no!

How and where can I get tickets for the 2007 Rugby world cup?

Well they are the best team in the world,and we can see why,they are briliant rugby players but I won't go that far in thouching them or something like that.Just like the way they play.

Who do you think will win the 2007 Rugby world cup?

Are you gay ? AhHAHAHAHAHAHA

How do you think a top American football player shape in a top game of rugby?

Um not quite in the same way you seem to. But the All Blacks are fantastic. They have an Aura about them. They always have. The Maoris, and other Islanders that play for them are fantastic. They have the best combination of speed strength and fitness. I think this is where the gap between them and everybody else is at the moment.

Name the sport associated with Flinders Park?

A friend of mine knows the All Blacks, so we went out partying with them after the game in Lyon on Saturday. They are great guys with bodies to match! I am looking forward to watching them play in Paris this weekend!

Do rugby players urinate on the pitch?

YOU GUYS ARE ALL HATERS, if u were trembling before the Haka, you would crap your pants. Beautiful bodies they do have..They are BY FAR the best team in the world..and if u disrespect them..ill HAKA on ur GRAVE

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