.17 Mach IV or .17 Rem?

Who chambers rifles for the Mach IV? Are they the same as .17 Rem?


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Even tho I've not worked with these sub-caliber rounds before, I know they are two ENTIRELY different cartridges, and are NOT interchangeable. They both look to be the bailiwick of serious reloaders, and not for 'Sunday shooters'.
The .17 Rem. appears to be a 'necked-down' .222 or .223, for a .17 cal. projectile, while a .17 Mach IV looks like a .221 Fireball case reduced for a .17. According to loading data and published ballistics, the Remington, with its' longer case & greater capacity, gives the 'hotter' velocities.
You can find all this info, and more at:
The rest you can find out from your local firearms dealer.

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they are a little bit different, you have to account for the difference in ratio of power to throwback

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.17 Rem is centerfire, and .17 mach IV is a rimfire. They are definitely not the same thing.

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