i can ollie while riding about as high as a sidewalk curb but when i try to olie onto a curb i either dont land on the board or land with one foot on and the other foot stuck on the ground. its so annoying please help.


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I used to have this problem too

Like everyone else said, YOU NEED TO PRACTICE!

but i dont wanna leave you with the same answer so ill add this.

When you ollie up a curb, its different then when your just ollie as high as a curb because you also have to be able to stay up that high until your whole board gets up onto the curb

If i were you i would work on ollieing a deck first.

If you can do that and you still have problems, its probably because your reflexes are taking over you voluntary movements. So even though you really really wanna do it, your reflexes kick out that back foot before you land it.

What you need to do is work on overpowering your reflexes. You need to accomplish this because i guarantee you that this situation will come up again during a different trick


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are you hesitating?

How do you do an ollie on a skateboard?

Practice. Practice Practice... That's the only way tp per-fect your skateboarding. Keep it up. It's so cool. It also helps if you have a ramp or a rail to ride on. Look for a skate park in your area.

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u have to watch urself if ur hesitating thats what will mess u up BIGTIME my town doesnt have a skatepark so we had to turn to the streets and thats what ALWAYS got me...goodluck

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ollie on the concrete right but your landing spot should be a soft patch of grass than move on to concrete.

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your problem is that ur hesitating and im guessing because your scared..most people don't land tricks because they hesitate in mid air and think they won't land it or will get hurt. practice is the only way to get better and once u think u Can do it just try ur best and don't hold back because u will hesitate in te air and will change ur positions to land on once foot safe. ollieing up stuff is sometmes harder than ollieing down ledges or doing stair sets. If u can ollie a deck then u should try a 3 or 4 stair set and maybe evn get a rail or find a skatebpark to start practicing grinding on. boardslides and 50-50's are the easiest grinds to learn. stalls are easy too and u can practice them on almost anything (a curb would be a good place to start) and the starters are axle , nose,tail,and rock to fakie stalls. just keep practing and u should eventually get it. otherwise theres otehr stuff out there for u
ps: sorry for mispellings my the's and and's are mixed up bye

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ladybug is right, keep practicing, do your ollies over and over and over again, that how i did it and now i can ollie over 2 feet high

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If you cant land the ollie right you can keep practicing to hit the tail not too hard and jumping to your bolts. Keep your weight centered over the board. If you land and are moving backwards with your back foot on the ground, try to move your body slightly forward.

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Since when did ollie take up skateboarding he use to be a boxer.

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