Accuracy of 17hmr and 22wmr?

Question:Keep in mind i'm ONLY interested in these 2 calibers, if i wanted to know about how accurate your 6mmbr shoots i would have asked. If i wanted to know how much you like 300winmag, i would have asked.

Out of the 2 calibers, 17hmr and 22wmr, which one has the best proven accuracy and consistancy? I already have a 22wmr rifle that shoots 1/4moa @ 100 yards, are the 17hmr's more accurate, less accurate or about the same. The longest shot's i would ever plan on taking would be between 100 yards and 150 yards, considering 150 yards is about max for consistant accuracy from the 22wmr. All I shoot now is paper, but in the next year i will be moving to where i can go varmint hunting, but am limited to ONLY using rimfire, hence my curiousity about 17hmr. Also any info concerning the 17mach2 would be appreciated.


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I’m going to up set some one.
You asked for a opinions I got one.
I have shot the 17 and was not impressed at all, where I shoot and hunt we have wind and that little 17 don’t like our wind.
I was seeing 6 inches of wind drift at 100 yards, and that not good in my book.
Where as the 22 WMR did no drift near as bad only 2 inches at the most on the same day, and I was shooting a friends 17 and it spends more time in the gun safe then out hunting now.

I don’t know where your moving, but if they have wind their I would up grade to the 22 for bullet weight to help buck the wind.
And the wind I was referring to was a cross wind of 10 to 12 mph and that is not much wind at all.

After shooting that friends 17 on several occasions, I don’t have a 17 and don’t wont one either.

That my opinion.

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The .17 rimfires are inherently very accurate. The .22 Magnum is pretty accurate also. I don't shoot paper so I can't give you MOA.

Good luck.


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Check out the following link for a Chuck Hawks discussion comparing these 2 calibers and addressing accuracy. In their tests he says the 17hmr is more accurate.
Also check for interesting discussions.
Hope this helps.

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Super accurate if all you want to do it punch a hole.

Great varmint calibers.

The 17hmr is gaining in popularity more everyday.


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Your 22WMR is freakishly accurate. There's no way you can buy another rifle in any caliber and expect it to do as well, so I'd say if it ain't broke.

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Your are not going to get any better than that with a 17 HMR or Mach II. The big advantage with the 17 is how flat it shoots. This pays dividends when hunting, but if your just shooting paper and know ranges this would not be a concern of yours. My T/C contender with a 14 inch barrel will shoot 3/8 inch groups in the cold and blowing wind at 50 yards. I have friends that talk of 1 hole groups at 100 yards being the norm, but I have never been there the witness this. I have yet to shoot mine on a day with good conditions (read ungloved hands and not shivering) and I know I can improve once the winter weather breaks.

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I don't know if there's any reason to switch to a .17 in the instances you're talking about. The .17 is going to be flatter, but as D58 stated, when you reach out any farther, the drift is going to kill you. Keep in mind, I'm a .17 shooter, and love mine, but ALSO agree with everything D58 said. For how well you can group with your .22 WMR, I dont think it's worth the money to buy a good quality .17. So many people buy .17's to be these long distance varminters, and they just can't do it. The role of my .17 is to be an upgraded .22, and your .22 Wmr is already that.

ADDED-- I would add, that while I said I agree with everything D58 said, his six inches of drift at 100 yards must have been the result of shooting in a hurricane. At 100 yards, even in a decent wind, I've never had much trouble. At 200 yards, plenty of drift.

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