6.5 x55 Swedish Mauser kick?

anyone anywhere encountered the hard kick of this carbine and is there any realistic remidy without investing a fortune


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If you're shooting a sporterized military model, with its original wood cut down, I would buy a new stock for it. The new recoil pad, (and added weight depending on the model), can make all the difference in the world. Also, are you shooting the standard factory loads, like the Federal/Remington, 140 grain? If you're shooting the higher end Hornady light magnums, or hotter Norma's, they add considerably to the punch. I've got a 6.5, and it's the tamest rifle I own in its class. Heavy stock, weight of scope, etc... can all make the difference you're looking for. I wouldn't give up on it, it's a VERY accurate mid-range shooter, and I bet you can cure it for around $100.

Does anyone know if the TM m14 mags will fit in the AGM m14?

A nice limbsaver recoil pad? The gun is probably just too light.

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the limbsavers are worth the money...

How to buy handguns in Canada?

I've fired plenty and never really noticed a severe recoil, as the others have stated, invest in a limbsaver, or try shooting a lighter grained bullet.

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The 6.5x55 cartridge is a pussycat, but the military stock doesn't do you any favors. An aftermarket, drop-in stock will tame the beast.

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I have a .250 Savage 99K, essentially the same caliber. It has always bitten my shoulder harder than any other gun I own. I always attributed it to the curve of the steel buttplate, which is also relatively narrow at top and bottom. The gun shoots so well for me that I use it anyway, and I don't want to modify it due to its value.. If I were to modify it, I think a good meaty rubber buttpad would solve the problem.

It'll soon be 4:20 somewhere...how many people are ready and who's already jumped the gun?

are you kidding me, come on now can you say paducey.
Try shooting a 7mm STW - 150 gr at 3500 fps
with a quarter size group
my son was shooting 12 ga at 12 year old

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The felt recoil of the 6.5x55 Swedish mauser on a 9 lb. rifle is around ten lbs. Compared to a .270 Winchester (130 grain bullet) the recoil is light as the .270 has about 16 n 1/2 lbs. of felt recoil.


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