Airsoft - AGM M14 (MP008) upgrades?

What are my options when it comes to increasing accuracy and velocity (without reducing reliability)? I'm new to the sport so specific parts, and where I can purchase them, will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance...



First of all let me tell you that if you want velocity, you usually will have to sacrifice refire rate (how fast it fires x amount of bb's in a second) to get that power. Second, fields have different power limits that you have to be under, usually either 300, 330, 350, 400, or the more open 1 Joule rule.
Anyway, the simplest way to increase power is to get a higher voltage battery, which I definitely do not recommend. A good option is a stiffer spring, since it propels the piston forward faster, another thing you can do is buy a higher gear ratio gearbox, which is the more durable option, or if you really want to go for broke, get a set of all of them, a higher voltage battery, better motor, higher gear ratio gearbox, a stiffer spring, and a lighter piston. That should do it for power.

As for accuracy, the easiest way is to get better grade bb's. A slightly more expensive option is to get a precision barrel. Also, oil your hop-up and barrel to achive the best results.

There you go.

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oooh what are you going to hunt with that?

Which has a greater kinetic energy, a bullet or a gun?

Don't waste your money on toy guns. Honestly man, people are using real guns as I'm typing this answer in Sudan to kill people simply because of their appearance or beliefs. I honestly wonder how people can bring themselves to enjoy shooting each other with whatever it may be when this is happening.

I promise you that if you took that money you are planning on spending in upgrades for your little toy gun and donated it to UNICEF or any other organization, it would feel a lot better than the welts your friends' airsoft guns will give you.

Just check it out. I dare you!

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