Airsoft and Paintball gun questions DON'T BELONG HERE IN THE HUNTING SECTION?

Question:Use "General Outdoors". THANK YOU.
Sports > Outdoor Recreation > General - Outdoor Recreation

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I have a Ruger P-90 DC, .45 acp, I am wondering if this gun can shoot +p ammunition,?

i loooove to play paintball and airsoft, but i love hunting upland gamebirds more. i agree, paintball should go in gererall outdoor rec.

How to catch prawns efficently? what is the bes bait?

Even though I don't go in that section very often, that is totally true.
People should think before they categorize their questions.

Compare 32rem to 32 win special?

i can stick bbs in my airsoft gun and it can break skin...possibly deadly

What gas blowback airsoft gun should i get under 130$?

is spots&hunting.

What's the best river for floating in Missouri?

Yes they do. I think that if you hunt squirrels with a bb gun it counts as hunting. and airsoft wars count as hunting humns.

How far can you shoot a Mossberg Shotgun?

What's the problem? You don't have to click on them if you don't want to. It's not like they prevent hunting questions from being posted. Very few hunting questions are posted in the first place. Plenty of hunters own and shoot airsoft guns as well as hunt.
Hunting seasons don't last all year, man.

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