Do you know of a good, environmentally safe way to keep away mosquitoes when in the outdoors?

Prefer not to apply the available chemical lotions on the skin.


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Mosquito head net and mosquito proof nylon jacket, pants, booties, and mittens. You'll have to sew those last two yourself. You could even sleep in a tent with mosquito netting or use a square mosquito net made for beds.

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Eat lots of Garlic.

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Burt's Bees makes an insect repellent that is all natural. You can buy it on or a local store that carries Burt's Bees:

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They make CO2 generators that run on propane. CO2 doesn't sound too enviromentally friendly, but I dont think it produces any more CO2 than a few people would. The idea is to attract the mesquitos via the CO2 and then vacuum them into a canister where they are traped.

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yes there a bird that eat mosquitoes

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take a gun and shoot them...he he he....

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Build some Martin houses and Bat houses to attract them to your yard.

The vacuum and attracting units that use propane do not work here in Texas but they might work well elsewhere.

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citronella candles and theres this machine called a mosquito deleteo...just the names enuff for me.
mosquitos are attracted to you by the carbon dioxide you release it interferes with that.

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I have heard that drinking or bathing in sulphur water has that effect, but that may be a wives tale. The best way is to wear long sleeves/pants and a mosquito net over your head

If you are at a static location, like a back yard party, they sell these things at hardware stores called "mosquito deleto" it basically attracts them then sucks them in to some kind of water or something. I think they work good.

here is some other advice:
To keep deer flies and mosquitoes away while in the woods, pick a sassafras leaf' roll it between your hands; and put it behind your ear. The smell will keep them away, and is pleasing to humans

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Some are saying that cling free stuff U put in dryers is good.

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Sounds weird but if you will apply Avon's Skin-So-Soft moisturizer it will keep the mosquitoes away. I use it because I don't like the burning sensation when I apply anything with Deet in it. I don't know if I am allergic to Deet or what.

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