Aguila Ammo question.?

Question:What's your experience with Aguila ammo? What calibers have you tried and for what purpose? ie, plinking, target shooting, competition etc. How did you like it's performance? Would you buy it again?

I shoot a lot of rimfire target and have only used 3 types of their 22 ammo, it's some of the most accurate, consistant ammo I've run thru my rifles.This is to include Wolf match, match extra, Eley, Lapua, Junior and many many other brands and types.

Is anyone else having similar luck with Aguila ammo?


Camping ?

Only in 22 have I used Aguila ammo.
I still use it for my 22 bolt action with outstanding accuracy.
I use it for target and long range varmint believe it or not.
Aquatic turtles and snakes are learning that a 22 Aguila can reach out and touch them at a extended range.
I am a state licensed Nuisance Wildlife Controller has it’s fun days.
I also use Eley and have not as of yet tried the Lapua but do plan on it soon.
Eley is also very good in my bolt action.

But for my semi autos I use cheaper 22 shells.

But due to the fact I reload for all other calibers I have not bought any center fire or hand gun in many years.
I stop from time to time and shake my head at the prices though.

The 9 mm should work fine for self defense, as long as you can hit what you aim at.


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My PMC Scoremaster .22lr is Aguila ammo. Unfortunately, you cannot get this anymore. Good target ammo.

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