A question for hunters.?

I can understand the sport of hunting, the attitude behind hunting, and I respect it and mean no offense. Honestly, just curious, I don't think that hunting's imoral or anything. But why do hunters surround themselves with pictures of majestic animals? Do you just see a photo of a beautiful deer and think "Man, I really wish I could kill that!"?


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I think that hunters really do love wildlife. I grew up around hunting and My dad really liked to watch deer and other animals and didn't have a bloodthirst for killing them. I think one of the reasons he taught me about hunting was a to give me an appreciation for animals. One thing that many non hunters don't understand ,in Michigan anyway) is that Those beautiful magestic deer would eventually all be sick and dying if populations were not controled through hunting. Additionaly overpopulation spreads diseases to livestock and agriculture is destroyed making it very hard for some farmers to sell their stuff at fair amrket values. I can see the creepyness to it through- I have freinds who wouldnt spend the night at my house when I was little because the thought the deer were going to come off the wall.

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As a former hunter, I agree with your attitude completely. It makes no sense to me to see a huge buck (or whatever) that you've never seen before and then blow it away. Pretty dumb. If I need to eat something, I go to the store and buy it. It seems like every year there are more idiots with rifles shooting everything they see. The part I enjoyed the most was tracking the animal. It was always fun to see how close I could get before they smelled, heard, or spotted me. Pulling a trigger takes very little talent. I will give Bow hunters a little credit. That's pretty tough.

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Hunting is just a sport now, it used to be survival to feed the family.
Most hunters just hunt to get out of work.

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No. It just looks nice on the wall and has nature in it. You have to be a hunter to understand.

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Do you know that hunters spend more money to help wild animals than PETA time 5. But why the stereotype, most I know do not "surround themselves" with pictures, we have the trophys collected from past hunts.

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We are very proud of our hunt. So we have pictures to show and tell about.

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Its not the Kill it itself... Its being there. Being one with nature. The kill for me is just a bonus. Not to mention the meat that helps supplment are family for a few months.

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I love animals.
I've had pet squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, doves, turkeys. Had a pet deer once, and even had a pet coyote. I've also killed and eaten the same kind of each of these animals, except coyotes...I personally don't hunt coyotes. Nothing against those who do, but I have never felt good about killing something I don't eat. I understand that they overpopulate very quickly...but I'll leave the coyote problem to ya'll.

Hunters love animals. As was said before, hunters spend WAY more cash trying to help nature than any animal rights group.
Take a look at the cash that Ducks Unlimited, the National Turkey Federation, Rocky Mountain Elk Federation, and other groups pull in for their respective critters. Deer hunters are responsible for the reintroduction of whitetail deer into parts of southern america in which the deer had nearly dissappeared in the fourties and fifties. I could prattle on, but I'll stop.

Myself, I don't enjoy killing animals. I love the hunt. I love a cold spring morning, with black clouds rolling, lightning flashing and thunder booming, and turkeys gobbling like crazy. I love watching the ducks drop from the sky into the little open spot in the timber to our spread. I've spent many a morning squirrel hunting, only to come home empty-handed...not because I didn't see squirrels, but because I was having too much fun watching them. I've learned to bark like a squirrel, and it's fun to watch their reaction to it. But when my freezer is lacking in wild game, guess what---no more laughing at there antics. I also love the taste of wild game. I don't soak my meat to pull out the "wild" taste. I like it. Besides, wild game is healthier...way less fat. And wild turkey.lemme tell ya. If all you've ever eaten is domestic turkey, you've spent your life eating crap. Domestic turkey is not worthy of the name "turkey"!

But, concerning your question: you could ask the same question of the folks that fill their home with little pig satues, or pictures of cows, and do not refrain from eating hamburgers and bacon.
Same thing...but hunters don't ask someone else to do their dirty work.

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We love nature more than most people, that's why we want to surround ourselves by images of it. Mostly what we think is "that sure is a beautiful animal!"

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When I see a pic of a big 14 point buck, I think ..." Man what a waste of good film"... Could have been a B and C deer.

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