A Good Skateboard For Flatground?

My Skate spot is...a road. I know. SUCKS! So my basic things are 180's and kickflips. Even after 5-6 years (i'm 14) I can still only do kickflips and 180s oh and shuv-its. I would like to practice grinding also since I can't do that very good. But I've Gotten 2 World Industry boards and they've broken. What's The best deck?... If you can, Include the setup (Deck brand, wheel size, truck brand, bearrings, grip tape,...etc.), if you know some techniques and stuff to help with 180 kickflips, grinds and just stuff to work on tell me cuz it's about all I can do where I live. TRUST ME!


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Elements are good, but also it is a fact not known by many except the 10 ppl i skate with (that i know of) is to never get a deck with red inlining wood, it will chip or break easily.

New skateboarder.. help?

element or independent

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Hmmm well just a minute ago you were wondering how to do an ollie? ? ? So how can you do a kickflip and 180? ? ?

Oh well. . . .I lived out in the country for a long time as well and had nothing but a road, but personally i think its perfect because it gives you time to work on perfect balance and the comfort of skating. A good preparation for the parks. : )
There are so many good decks out there. . . . . . a lot of it depends on how you skate, ur weight and certain things like that but i usually go with almost or zero boards and the width 7.5

Grind kings are the best trucks in my opinion and i just use normal size or about 50mm. . . .black magic grip and redz bearrings are good unless you wanna pay some money for the more expensive ones which aren't much different except for speed. Its all just personal preference really. Honestly i haven't tried out all brand name decks but i have tried many. : )
Good luck!

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for flatland tricks:


for equipment:

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