Airsoft gun advice...?

does anyone know a M16 or P90 replica airsoft gun that is durable, accurate(for the price...), and ful or semi auto(not single shot). also, it would be an extra bonus if it had a built in flashlight. my price range is $20-$40. Thanks!!


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you know $20-$40 aeg you are getting a plastic gear box and they are not durable at all. there is a new company called echo1. they make quality airsoft aegs with metal gear boxes. they cost around $100 and you are getting the same quality as the cadillacs of airsoft like classic army, tokyo marui, and ics. you can get a echo 1 m16 for 135 and that comes with battery and charger. that gun shoots 300 fps which is amazing for that price. you can get this gun at and since it is over a hundred you get free shipping. i just bought my aeg off there.

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Try They have quite a selection of electric airsoft guns.

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The sight you want is
They carry all price ranges of AEG airsoft, and are the largest and most reputable dealer of airguns of all kinds in the United States if not the world. Look under airsoft , then under low-priced airsoft guns. They have M-16's and P90's.

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Here is a good gun with lots of features and in your Price range.

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