12 or 20 gauge for home defense?

I am looking to purchase an affordable, simple shotgun for home defense No pistol grips or other tactical B.S. , Preferably a Remington since it is my prefered Brand. I have an SP-10 and an old Browing Auto 5 16 guage which are great guns for what use I have for them but don't seem to me to be ideal because of their weight and unweildy nature in tight spaces. I was kind of leaning towards the Remington 870's synthetics with the 18" barrel although I have never actually held or fired one, and I was wondering how light and weildy they are and how is the balance? Also Im kind of undecided on whether or not to go with the 12 or 20 gauge. The twelve would be ok for me, but the twenty seems like it would be more ideal for my wife, but I have never really been big on 20's and kind of worry a bit about the power.


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This same question, more or less, has been covered a few times here. My answer remains the same as always, 20 gauge simply because it has less recoil, giving the shooter a faster target acquisition for follow up shot if needed, it's a lighter shotgun, usually shorter in length making it "perfect" for close quarters scenarios.With 20 gauge you also have less chance of over penetration should you miss your target. in other words, if you miss the bad guy and hit the wall behind him, there is less chance of the pellets going all the way thru and injuring/killing an innocent bystander.

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20 gauge is plenty powerful enough to do the job. I know of many people that hunt dear with a 20 gauge shotgun.

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Your best bet is the Mossberg 500 persuader (18inch barrel) with 00bucs. The Mossburg is easier with the safety on the top of the reciever unlike the remingtons triggerguard safety which can be easily be set to off. If you have tiles on your floor, use 00buc. Its better to point it around a corner, towards the ground at a 45 degree angle to send a hallway full of ceramic shrapnels. This way hes still alive and profusiously bleeding when cops arive rather than them cuffing a dead body.

Not JS, they probably use slugs with that 20ga. I seriously doubt they can take a deer down with birdshots.

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I use a Remington 870 youth model 20 ga. I am a full size man but I like the shorter stock on the youth model for close quarters combat. The 20 with buck shot is certainly sufficient and I prefer the Remington's safety to the Mossburg's. In addition to that my wife can handle the 20 ga but she is intimidated by the 12.

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a 3 inch 12 gauge will do the job. get a benneli pump action. they r good guns or a ithaca.

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I have a" MAVERICK" 12 ga. pump.Which is really a " MOSSBERG 500" except that the butt and forpiece are polymier and not wood , and is cheaper.you can obtain a kit from the mfgr. that includes an 18 1/2" barrel, pistol grip for the butt end replacement, anda machine gun type forepiece for the pump action, all this turns it into a "riot gun" , or "alley sweeper" ---It's short, light, and looks very intimidating. It's chambered for up to 3" shells , If you remove the plug(illegal) you can load 6 and 1 in the chamber, Double 00 or #2 shot are the best...

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