.40 cal vs 9 mm?

is there much difference both semi automatic pistols


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.40 has a little more power and is probably a little less load dependant for good performance. With top loads in each caliber it likely has a small performance edge.
The 9mm is a little more controlable,generally allows a larger magazine capacity and is usually cheaper to shoot.

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Get a .45

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For just shooting I'd go with the 9mm...it's easy to find ammo and usually under $10 box. The .40 is better for knockdown power...I agree w/BigBro if you want a pistol round that will stop almost anything. The only negative is that .45 is more expensive to shoot. It all depends on the main use of the pistol...

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Go with .45GAP. It is a new caliber developed by Glock. It is a .45 cal with the same energy and velocities, but with a 9mm recoil. I have all 4 calibers and my carry caliber is .45GAP. You can now find the ammo is stores. The 9mm will not stop a person on drugs. The .40 S&W was designed by the FBI for a less recoil of the .45ACP and more stoping power of the 9mm. It all depends on your use. If you want to plink get a 9mm or .22. If you want a man stoper go with .45GAP or .45ACP. Happy shooting!

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The .40SW is much more effective as a defense round. The 9mm will kill, but with much less termianl impact of the .40.

When the US replaced the .45 with the 9mm, it was a foolish move in hindsight, but one based on multiple factors, including standardization with NATO and the philosophy that having 17 rounds was better than having 8.

Once everyone in the US got on the 9mm bandwagon, statistics made it very clear that this round was much less than desirable for law enforcement and self-defense.

Do you remember Pope getting shot in 1981? He was at the time not a yong man and he was shot 4 times with a 9mm. He lived another 23 years. The 9mm is not a "manstopper".

The .40sw was developed as the need for a more effective round was seen. It's about halfway between a 9mm and a .45acp in terms of terminal impact.

9mm are more prolific and ammo is common and cheap. .40 is becoming more seen everywhere and prices are definitely coming down.

Be wary of the "new" calibers that are introduced by gun makers every few years (like the .45GAP). While they are often very good rounds, you just never know if they are going to catch on with the public. Case in point is the .41 AE (Action Express), once touted as being THE cartridge for the future. .40S&W came along and now .41AE is left to those who reload themselves and collect obsolete calibers.

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There's about a millimeters difference. You can shoot heavier bullets in the "fourty". The muzzle blast and recoil are a little harsher in the "fourty". 9 mm ammo is cheaper, usually, that means you get more bang for the buck.

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