*skateboarders only***?

is it okay to skateboard in the rain?


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i think it is.
its raining over here and i was planning to go skateboarding

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It depends on the quality of your trucks and berrings but usually it's ok.

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probably, but if u get the bearings wet, that isnt a good idea... be careful cause ur bolts may get rusty and crap. not sure, never tried skating in rain..

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As long as you wear your rubbers.

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hell ya...well you better have a good skate board...the water isnt good for the wood, wheels, and trucks

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Yes, it's more than ok, there's less traffic and haters so it's allot more fun.

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only if da barometer is at a angle in which the air can compress the molecules in the ecosystem, thus increasing torque and speed. u can ollie over puddles of mudd this way.word.

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I've tried it while it was pouring with my world industries board, industrial trucks, pig wheels, and speed demon bearings. It was fine until maybe the tenth time i've tried. My board is twice as heavy, and the speed is 1/2 what is used to be.

Try at your own risk, if your stuff is good.

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yes you can skate in the rain, but its horrendous for your gear. youll have almost no traction, your bearings/kingpin/axels/hardwar... will rust, and your board can delaminate and/or warp.

so if you want your gear to last, just tear your setup apart and dry everything off. or you can just get a dedicated rain setup. also, make sure your comfortable with sliding.

How good of a skater do you need to be get sponsored?

wouldnt do it to often

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