A Merry-go-round is horrible; isn't it?

The eyes stare at you no matter where you're at, it goes round and round, and plays creepy music.


Large hunting knife, words on blade are as follows?

YES (shudder) the Merry Go Round is evil...pure evil I tell you .those eyes.that music.arrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhh...

Fishing with nightcrawlers...?

I guess

Where is the most beautiful hike by Lake Tahoe that is appropriate for families?

Sometimes they go up and down too. lol

.17 Caliber round lead balls?

Nah, just makes me feel ill.

Are there used handgun bluebook prices available?

You had a rough childhood, didnt you.

What are some really good fighting/tactical knife companies? I know of Cold Steel, Zero Tolerance and Dark Ops

Yep. Merry-go-rounds are creepy and strangely out of time nowadays.but really carousels are worse. Some bobby-horses are definately evil.

30.06 Anyone ?

I don't know about all that, but my daughter used to love it so much she called it the "Miracle Round" It was cute.

Falconry what do you think?

It's the best way to get everything out of your tummy!

Does anyone have any tips for fishing Lake Mead?

What. I must say Thank you for my two points. I don't know what you were thinking when you asked this queston.

Were can i shoot guns in the uk?

Yes they are soooooo boring try some more hardcore rides they are a lot better

PX 4 storm, Is it durable? any good?

no! theres a reason its merry

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