A bullet shot level with one dropd from the same height, will both hit the ground at the sme time, right ?


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yep! the air resistance and gravity are the same, so they'll hit at the same time.

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no, the bullet shot would hit the ground first because of the extra force.

nvm, i learned somthing new today lol

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No. A bullet dropped, starts out at 0mph and picks up speed to final or maximum achievable velocity, whichever comes first. A bullet shot, starts out faster than final velocity of the dropped bullet. It also has a very substantial speed out the barrel of, depending on caliber, 850fps to 4000 feet per second. So a fired bullet would get there a heck of a lot faster than one dropped from the same distance. Even if we were on the Moon.

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yes both will hit the ground at the same time gravity has the same effect on both

good question

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Ideaman has a good point but that's not what I learned in physics.

If the gun was shot parrallel to the ground and the bullet was dropped at the same time, it would fall down at the same time. However, in the real world if you factor the environmental conditions and a whole bunch of other variables, it isn't always true.

It's kind of similar to the feather and the elephant would land at the same time. But factor in air resistance and the elephant would land first.

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my science teacher told us this only 3 days ago!

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Horizontal velocity and vertical velocity are independent of each other. So the velocity of the bullet being shot does not effect the time it takes gravity to pull it down. They both will hit the ground at the same time; it's just the bullet that is shot will be much farther away.

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The fired bullet will achieve maximum velocity as soon as it exits the barrel. This velocity varies but it will certainly be in far excess of the "terminal velocity" that a "dropped" bullet will achieve while in decent. In other words the fired bullet will be going a hell of a lot faster than the dropped bullet. In fact the "shot" or fired bullet will be doing nothing other than slowing down during the entire descent until impact with the ground. Which I might add will be before the dropped bullet hits the ground.

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Well, I can tell you it would never work right, and even if it did it would be next to impossible to measure,but the point of the analogy is that gravity has an equal effect on both, which is true.

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In school ,we were all told they would hit ground at the same time. But in reality, would they really?? Wouldnt it depend on the bullet weight, cal. and powder charge?
I would answer the question with a "yes, they hit ground at same time" but I would like to see it proved with differant bullets.

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Theoretically = yes,
Real world = ? There are just too many variables, weight, air temperature and density, release time, impact time, terrain.

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