Airsoft BB Magazine for SIG SG552 CM020A1?

I bought my son the SIG SG552 CM020A1 for Christmas from it doesn't feed the bb's into the chamber. If i take it off and look at the mechinism that shoots, it looks fine. I can't figure out how it's suppose to pull the bb's from the magazine into the chamber. There is a wheel on the bottom and if I turn it when it's full 1 or two will shoot. Does anyone know how they are suppose to feed? The website I bought it from does not respond to my emails and there is no number to call. He was so disapointed on Christmas.


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that may be one of your problems. electric guns under 100 bux are seldom worth it. it sounds like ur gun is using a high capacity magazine, wind it up until you start feeling some resistance in the gears, then try.

if that dosent work then you may have some trouble, high cap magazines load by a gear system inside the mag pushing the pellets into the gun and then they feed through a tube into the firing chamber.

if winding dosen't work try lubing all the internals with a silicon or teflon based gun lubricants.

if these do not work then you have a lemon and i'm afraid you're most likely stuck with a bum gun, sorry,

with airsoft you get what you pay for and most electric guns that are only advertized to shoot 400 rounds per minute probably aren't great to begin with (most shoot 6-800 rounds per minute when you get into the good guns.)

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after you fire a shot all you have to do is keep pulling back the top and then pull the trigger go on wikipedia there is lots of info including diagram hope that helps

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