Air soft guns?

Is an airsoft gun good enough for protection... 5-6 shots in the face could kill, close range correct


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Are you kidding? You want to bet your life on an airsoft gun? Forget it. Get some pepper spray, you'll be better off.

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its like a toy gun. If you actually need protection, than an air soft gun is a stupid idea. It isnt auto, so your not gonna be able to just shoot at someones face 5 times in a row at a fast pace.

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thats ridiculous, you would have a better chance of scaring them into thinking it is a REAL weapon.
If you want home defense/self defense. Get a real gun or run because the result of shooting an intruder with an airsoft gun and the intruder is armed also. You are not going to fair out so well


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Some air soft guns do look real.Someone called the police on my friend because they heard the automatic Mp5 and thought it was a real gun. I wouldnt buy one, Doubt it could kill someone...I bought a real gun.223 mini 14 baby!

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Buy a full metal gas air soft gun. I have my M9, it looks real, same weight as the real one, and it hits soo hard. Gas guns are powerful and semi-automatic. You can pull off 5 shots in 2 seconds or less with practice. go to
woohoo. But, you are much better off faking it's reality rather than attempting to fire it first.
If you need real protection, give us call. peace.

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no, thats stupid, 5 or 6 shots would only put someones eyes out. go through a concealed weapons course and carry a handgun.

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