1889 bolt action military rifle?

im not sure about the rifle but i now my dad did take it top a gun show and the man taged it as a 1889 swiss but con not find it on the internet. Not like the one i got they have the short barrel and mine has the ling barrel.So if anyone can help me out i would apprecate it.


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How about a picture? An 1889 bolt action military rifle could be any of a long list. My best guess would be the Swiss Schmidt-Rubin Models 1889
However...given the time frame and the possiblity it's NOT Swiis..it could be any of these
Argentine Mauser Model 1891 (7.65x53); British SMLE Lee-Enfield rifle and Jungle Carbine (.303 British); German Mauser Model 1898 (8x57JS); Italian Carcano Model 1891 (6.5x52); Japanese Arisaka Type 38 (6.5x50) and Type 99 (7.7mm Japanese); Russian Mosin-Nagant Model 1891 (7.62x54R); Spanish Mauser Model 1893 and Model 1895 (7x57); Swedish Mauser Model 1894, Model 1896 and Model 36 (6.5x55); Swiss Schmidt-Rubin Models 1889, 1896, 1896/11, and 31 (7.5mm Swiss); U.S. Model 1892 Krag (.30-40 Krag)
Soooo..a pic would be swet.

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It's probly the Krag-Jørgensen rifle. Not sure if it was ever used in any number with the swiss military, however, the time frame and availability of this firearm increase the likelyhood.

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Knowing the caliber of the gun would aid in identifying it. If it is a 30-40 it is a Krag -Jorgenson. The long barrel might indicate that is was a military issue. Most of the Krag-Jorgenson rifles of military issue had the barrels shortened before being sold to the general public. This might explain the different barrel lenths. If the guns caliber is 8mm it could be an early Mauser. Mausers were produced in several countries including the United States.

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Go to the link I'm providing below and look through the rifles. Each rifle has photos, specs, history, etc.

If you can't get any where there, go to the Forums and join (simple registration) . Look through the sections and if you have a camera post some photos. A lot of real friendly guys there who love to help ID old guns. The wealth of information contained on those forumscould fill volumes of reference books on military rifles.

Caution: Old rifles can be an addictive hobby. I got my first 8 years ago and now have several dozen, of nearly every military rifle used by anby country from 1888 to the 1950s.

If the bolt "rotates" when you work it, it's not Swiss. They pull straight back and go straight foreward.

Most Americans confuse 'Swiss' and 'Sweden', so maybe you have a Swedish Mauser.

If you email me with the length and any marking you can make out, I'll help you ID it and get a value, where to find ammo, etc.

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