6mm paintball biodegradable?

Question:Id like to get some biodegradable BB for my airsoft at a rather decent price. Does any one know of any good 6mm paintballs that are 100% biodgradable?



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6mm paintballs WILL ultimately damage your gun. I wouldn't recommend using them in anything but the cheapest piece of disposable springer rubbish.

You can get biodegradable BB's for your gun which will be much better for your gun, and just as environmentally friendly.

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All paintballs are biodegradable, even the 6mm ones. as for a "good" brand, there isn't one, the problem is that if they make the 6mm paintball's shell thin enough to break on impact they will break in the chamber.

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All paintballs are biodegradable over time. Paintballs have a gelatin shell, which breaks down in water.

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