2-Way Radio and Walkie Talkie...are they the same things?

What is the difference between a Walkie Talkie and a 2-Way Radio?


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"Walkie-Talkie" is a term for a handheld two way radio. Nothing more, nothing less. All "walkie talkies" are two-way radios. NOT all two-way radios are walkie talkies...

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As far as I know, they are the same.

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None Really. a walkie talkie uses one frequencys. two way radios have a choice of using differnt frequencys. but basicly it is walkie talkie is just a dumbed down name for 2 way radio.

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Similar but different.. a 2- way radio has generally longer range than most available w/t's. They are both considered line of sight communicators. The W/T has an antenna basically at ground level where a traditional 2-way has an elevated antenna. 2- ways usually have more power than a W/T and may require a FCC license

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A walkie talkie mostly refers to a
toy, a two way radio is usually more
powerful. A walkie talkie is a two way radio,
but a two way radio doesn't have to be
a walkie talkie.

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