Any advise on how to become a conservation officer?

I looked it up and it seems like it's harder to get a job with the game commission than it is getting a job with Philly PD. And whats the differance between a conservation officer and a game warden? Thanks.


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The requirements vary from state to state. You would need to check with the Department of Natural Resopurces or its equivalent in your state to find what the requirements are. Most, if not all, states are now requiring a degree in a field such as game management, law enforcement, biology, etc. In Texas there are so many applications for each opening that they are only taking applicants who have, in addition to their degrees, prior law enforcement experience. Many of the successful applicants have Masters degrees. You are correct when you say that it is difficlut to get these jobs. The fact is that the job of Conservation Officer (or Game Warden) is not only the most difficult law enforcement job to get, it is also the most dangerous law enforcement job. If it is something that you really want and you want it badly enough to put in the work that it requires, then get your education, do some volunteer work for the department and keep your application up to date while you get some law enforcement experience. Hang in there 'cause is no easy job to get.

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Here in Oregon the game officer is part of the state police.
I would recomend giving the philly state police a call and checking.

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Not sure about PA specifically but here goes:

There are some colleges that have specific degrees aimed at this career. Most DNR's do not require specific degrees but some type of degree is recommended. I suspect that is it easier to get a job with a big city PD because of the numbers. There are more police officers in Philly than there are game wardens in the whole state.probably by a big number.

Good Luck! I admire your potential career choice.

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This doesn't directly answer your question, but you might want to google usajobs. It's a government website where you can apply to all kinds of government jobs, including the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Forest Service, and Federal Dept of Wildlife and Fisheries.

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Some states all off the officers are coll ed with degree in wildlife bilolgy and some do true conservation work and others do law enforcement work. I dont know how they determine who does what but you usually have more enforcement vs true mgt

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