.308 military style rifle. best value for the dollar?

Boy I'd like an H&K 91 but they are just too steep. Any suggestions for a good shooting, reliable, .308 for $1000 or less? I don't want any exotic or rare weapons that have parts (magazines say) that are expensive or hard to find. Thanks for your suggestions


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My choice would be the older but quite reliable M-14. Unless you are just looking for a new style assault rifle, it cant be beat.

Does anyone know where I can find a spare magazine for the Crosman Air Mag M50 (looks like an Uzi)?

Check out a FN FAL. Its what the HK 91 is based on. Heres a list of other rifles you might like.

Saiga 308 AK
Kel-Tec RFB rifle (Coming out next year)
Springfield M1A

The cheapest of these is the Sagia 308. Great shooting and accurate rifle that starts out around 300. But you will have to convert it to take the AK stock and magazines are 50$ each. The second cheapest is the FAL and mags are more plentiful.

Here is a pic of my Sagia conversion.

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Bound's hubby here:

Let me get this right... you want a durable, light weight, military style rifle in .308 that costs under $1000 with either parts that won't break and that will inexpensive? I really don't think it's going to happen. The FN-FAL and the HK G91/G93 are currently severely restricted under importation laws and many states still outlaw them.

I would recommend that you look at either an M1A (price= about $1500) or look towards the Marine Scout Snipers and buy a Remington 700 SPS Varmint in .308 that you top with either a Weaver T10 or a Leupold 10x scope on a Redfield Jr. base and rings. The Remington can be had, complete with scope for under a grand and will replicate the Marine M40A3. The parts will not break and should last a lifetime plus when firearms registration comes along, you will not stand out with an "evil" or "forbidden" weapon, like you would with a FN-FAL or an AK type rifle. Anything that is comparable to a service rifle will be epensive to repair. Anything that is imported, you may have difficulty getting parts for.

Another option, is get an M1 Garand when the CMP restocks by October. Put a .308 barrel and a magazine spacer block on it and you have what you want for well under $1000, with better sights and a long standing reputation for reliability.

Good luck.

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Although I hate to disagree with Bound, I say that if you want a Military rifle, go for it. Just because that Dems feel that Military styled rifles are “Evil” or “Mean” looking is no reason not to buy one. I do not own a FAL but I understand that they are great gun and have a lot of history. If you can find a M1A (M14) for under a $1000 then grab it, I have yet to find one. If you like the AR15 platform then I would try DPMS, they have a AR15 (.308) carbine that you should be able to pick up for about a grand or a little more, and if you do not mind used that I am sure you can find one on Gunbroker. I did have a CETME (Spainish G3, and yes I know the CETME came first:), but I did not like it and sold it. One note if you do buy a Military styled rifle, do us all a favor and do not go nuts and start killing people. Every time a hear about some nut job going nuts and shooting up a place I think “PLLLEASSE do not be an AK47” and I do not own one. Remember all you shooters, hunters and gun nuts, we are all in this together, if one goes down we all do.

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