Night fishing carp pools?

any one know where there is a decent day ticket carp pool in wolverhampton where night fishing is permited


In a Handgun Cartridge 45ACP,,,380ACP,,Ect. What does the ACP stand for ?

£6 for night fishing


Night fishing will be avalible on Mondays Thursdays and Saturdays when you book you choose your swim.

Day only booking will be taken between November - end Febuary, when the cost is £20 per day.

From March 1st 07 You cannot book days only, anglers must book the 2 day and night sessions.


There will be no extra cost for the night fishing ut you must book 2 days to fish the night Eg book a Monday and Tuesday and fish Monday night. This ensures anglers dont move into heavily baited swims

What is the Evening secret for fishing??

Has to be the monument, my cousin fishes it regular and its awesome. After your first trip you will know what swims are the best. Avoid 10 apparently, not to good. Tight lines when you go.

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