16 lbs Bass?

Question:Looks maybe a shade over 13 1/2 to me.

View the video clip here:

He's using a swimbait and the fish hits the moment he sped up the retrieve.
Any comments?


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I could catch a 10 lbder and say its a 13lbder,Wondering why he didnt weight it first before he called it,Nice fish hope i could catch one like that!!!

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Bet thats on his wall right now. Looked like he was using a whole nother fish as bait. Wow!!!!

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Nice bass but not 16 pounds it is fat but doesnt have the length or girth of a 16 pounder

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NO on the 16 lb'er. Not to sure on weight, but taken his word for it, am not sure on that either?! One thing I'm D _ _ N sure of he thru that thing a mile, either that or he's got somethin' wrong with the retrive on the level-wind. "Guessta' mation",12 -13lbs??

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wow thats a big fish cool what size rod and reel

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that thing is deff 16 pounds idk wat those people r alking about at all was that u that caught it? i no i wouldnt have thrown that thing back...or that monster

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I need to figure out how to get a picture I have from my store for ppl to see and tell me what they think! I ran a big fish contest at my shop every year but it stated in guide lines live fish to be released only!(because it was for largest weight fish in each group)
These guys brought in a fish(largemouth bass) that looked about 6lbs! I refused to enter the bass becuase it was near death laying in a cooler of ice.These guy took the fish some place and had it weighed in and came back and said its weight was 10lbs. When I find the paperwork on this fish which I did write down length and girth and pic maybe you guys will ease my mind that I did the right thing by not going against my guide lines! But the ppl had it posted in other shops that I cheated them out of the prize for largest bass.Cash and trophy awarded! Other shop owners talked to me about this and I said I have a no kill guide line on my contest in writing. I asked the ppl if I could try to revive fish and they said no they are going to eat it! This is only for me not real important!Thank you

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