Airsoft gun lubrication?

Okay so i bought a UTG AK-47 Partrooper Airsoft gun, and it's fps is 280 but one of the recomended items on the site for Airsofts was airsoft lube it says it can increase the velocity by 40 to 50 fps is this true also if you have experiance that would help


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For any and all questions about Airsoft guns, go to the forums at . There will be someone there who will be able to tell you exactly how to boost the fps of your gun and answer any other questions you might have.

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that is some true. Lubing your gun is a good idea. It seems like an ok so i would get some non corrosice silicone sprau lubricant from a website or storee. It does improve fps a bit but only about 10-20. The only real way to upgrade is get a better gun or spend like 300$ on upgrades

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Lubing your gun is a must if you want
it to last, but it will not raise the fps 40
or 50. I have never herd of lube increasing
the fps, and will not raise it that much. If you
get any increase it be 5 to 10.

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All of the answers so far are correct. However as Nick D stated, use only silicon oil spray and grease. Also be sure to use food grade silicon, as it doesn't contain any mineral oil which will do BAD things to your gun. I use CRC silicon spray lubricant with the Part Number. 02094. It has to be this number, as all others contain mineral oil. It can be found in any large hardware store. I get mine from Menard's. (in the electrical dept.)
Hope this works and good airsofting to you.

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