13ft Power Carp Waggler Rod - Recommend Line?

Question:I have bought a 13ft carp waggler rod using the recommend 3 - 6lb line but when using this line the fish keep breaking it. Would it hurt to use 10lb line on this rod.

Many thanks for your help.


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personally l wouldn't use anything over 8lbs b.s. on my waggler rod l find that that is plenty. it doesn't guarantee you will land every fish you hook as l've lost small carp around the 3-4lb mark and at the other end of the scale l've landed carp to 23 3/4lb (my p.b.)
have a word in your local tackle shop even better take your reel in and a good tackle shop they will test the line and advise as necessary.
l always use ULTIMA POWER PLUS on my waggler rod, DRENNAN DOUBLE STRENGTH for ledgering/feeder fishing
Everybody has their preferred makes and b.strains,
using 10lb line on your waggler rod might hinder your casting ability especially if your using a light float etc.
if you would like more info email me. I'll be only too happy to offer any further assistance

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13ft thats one sweet rod
your gunna need more than 10 pound line you probly want to start out with 20 to 30 pound line cause if one those big carp bites it's gunna snap that line like it was a blade if grass

it just depends on the size fish liveing in the lake or pond your fishin but i recamend more than 10 pound line

Do u know it ?

3 to 6lb sounds like a miss print on a rod of this type.

I'd suggest 30lb for carp.

As for hurting the rod, the only thing that could happen is it break from the weight of a large fish, which would only mean that this is a crappie rod, not a carp rod.

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