Age for hunting?

whats the age for hunting? from raccoons to deer please be very informative ..thanks


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In my state, I can take my son with me at any age, provided he is in my sight and hearing at all times. If he wants to hunt out of my direct supervision he will need to pass a Hunter Safety course. He will not need a license until he is 16. This is for all game.

It varies from state to state and child to child, and what is legal is not always the smartest move. I got a gun and started hunting at about 8 years of age. I didn't start my son until he was 12 simply because he didn't really want to stop swinging on vines and throwing rocks until he was that age, and he wasn't showing me good muzzle control with the BB gun.

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I guess it depends on how lenient parents are. My dad would've let me start when I was really small, but my mom had a thing against hunting, so I didn't start until I was 13 or 14. In my opinion, when someone is old enough to take hunter's saftey, then they are ready to hunt, after they pass the course.

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In most states you can only legally hunt after completion of a hunters' safety course. Those aren't offered to people under the age of 12.

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Their is no right age it is all a personal matter.
Hunting teaches you responsibility and many have started very young.
when a person starts very young he is very sensitive (killing) and so will learn about respecting life and not just killing for fun!
I started hunting at the age of 7 with an airgun (sparrows) and i still remember that on my first kill i was crying.
Until now i respect the rules that my Father taught me such as not firing at a siting Bird or not shooting more than one bullet per bird except if its hurt. you see these principles were taught on a very young age.
For bigger animals i think that the age of 12-13 would be fine as long as their is respect for the animal and the youngster learns that hunting isn't only the killing but is the contact you have with nature and the fine memories of Father and Son.

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Depending on what state your in depends on how old you have to be. Check with your states wildlife conservation center. If there is no age on your state it depends on what you think. Depending how mature the kid is really matters.

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much depends on parents, but here in tennessee, i believe the legal age, having taken a hunter safety course, is 10 yrs. old.

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That depends on the kid's personality and the parent's ability to work on firearm use and safety. I started hunting small game with my father when I was 6 and killed my first deer at age 8, and that was not unusual in those days, and at age 12 he felt I was mature enough to hunt on my own, though he was still nearby and worried. My kids were a little older when I started them.

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We'd need to know your state of residence. Different states have different laws. Here in PA, you have to be 12 to hunt legally, and you have to pass a hunter's safety course before you can be given your license. It is a pretty standard. I know recently ND lowered deer hunting age from 14 to 12. I think most states require anyone under 16 to be accompanied by someone over 21 with a valid hunting license. I believe in PA you can also hunt squirrels, spring gobbler, and maybe something else form ages 9-11 if accompanied by an adult (adult does not need a license).

But still, we'd need your state to give you all the answers.

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there are no age requirements. you have to bee with a parent if you are under 16 i believe, but im not sure what excatly the law states. It doesnt matter what game you are hunting either.

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I shot my first rabbit at age 8 but that was in the very early 1960's and it was pretty normal for farming area kids to do that.

Illinois however, requires a hunter safety course for any hunter under the age of 16 and anyone else regardless of age if born after 1980 I believe. It is a 10 hour course and I have taught it when still working for the Police dept. Many Sheriffs office will do this course in the fall if it is required.

As long as you are safe and obey rules of good hunting ethics, you'll do fine. Sometimes a 10 year old can handle it and sometimes not even a 25 years old can follow the rules.

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