3 year old skateboarding?

My 3 year old loves skateboards. She is such a natural -when we see one she places a foot on it and drives with her other. When is a good age to introduce this to her? What kind of board should we buy as a first board?


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age 3 is good age and if she's a naturral then all the better. Get her some protective equipment and a skateboard...I suggest not one from a department store like walmart or toy's r us. those skateboards are poor quality bad bearings not the best to learn on and usally bigger than a normal skateboard. Get her a blank board nothing fancy and they're cheep, you can get her one online i'n various of colors, I got one I use along with my pro boards, go to www.ccs.com and look for something cheep. My son is 7 months old but I know i'll introduce him to the sport when he's around 2-3 years.

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Just promise to put a helmet and safety pads on her! Yikes!

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i skateboard myself and i would say introduce her at 5. at that age they dont need a fancy one just something from toys r' us would do.

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Now is a good age. Children can learn alot. The younger they are the better they learn. Just make sure she has the propper equipment (pads, helmet). Get her a skate board that fits her size. Go to pacsun and ask if they know of a special skate board store.

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I am no expert but I would worry about her being coordinated enough for this at this age. I definitely agree with the helmet (maybe with some kind of face shield?) and all the pads you can get your hands on. My niece has a board that actually has a long bar on the front with handlebars at the top. But she was at least 6 or 7 when she got this. It might be good to ask her doctor if she is physically ready for this. Maybe you could have her practice her balance on a low balance beam or some other safer way until she is a little older.

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let her go on now if she wants. make sure she wears a helmet though. man its awsome that your 3 year old loves it.

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