.9mm or .40mm ?

About to purchase either a .9 or .40 carbine rifle. What are some pros/cons of either .9mm or .40mm and why?


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Depends on what your going to use your rifle for. If your just going to do a lot of target shooting, plinking, and maybe occasionally varmint shoot, then a 9mm is sufficient. Low recoil, cheaper rounds, and higher capacity. You can still use it for personal/home defense (but keep in mind that 'if' you actually had to use it for that purpose -- you will most likely have to fire multiple rounds to drop your assailant/intruder and keep them down). A 9mm has less punch as they say.

40 cal are good and can be used for everything mentioned above however, the rounds cost more and it does have more recoil. (That's because it's a larger bullet and has more powder etc..). For self defense, it packs more punch so if you hit your target once, maybe twice -- they will most likely stay down. Not too much need for high capacity with a 40 cal.

Hope that's been helpful.

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40. cal it's got more stopping power and most law enforcement have switched to this caliber

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It's 9 mm not .9 mm

and it 40 caliber = 0.4 inches

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Good question. There are pros and cons on both sides.
9mm- High capacity
low cost
good selection of bullet types
40S&W - Good take down ability
Selection of rounds

Cons -
9mm- Lower impact/lower take down ability
40S&W-Lower Capacity
Higher cost

Whats more important to you Capacity,Take Down or Cost ??

Personally I like the .357 SIG its a 40 Smith necked down to 9mm the bullet exits the barrel with the velocity of a .357 Mag. Now pair that with Winchester Silver tips or Rangers and you have one h. e. double L of a round.
I use a +P+ load with a 9mm Hydrashock, devastating on the gelatin.

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