20 guage pump shotgun for deer hunting?


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I'd use slugs with a 20 gauge, that way it would be like a large bore rifle instead of like a shotgun. Shotguns and 30/30 are good in thick brush were a limb could deflect your shot, shotguns and 30/30's have the power to punch through it and still hit the target, but only at close range.

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i wouldnt use a shotgun ,you will ruin lots of meat and would not make a clean shot i use a bow and sometimes a rifle 30-08 but NEVER a shot gun.

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You'll have to get close and ask the Deer to lay down first.

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What choke is on the shotgun? A tighter choke will help to put the pellets where you want them. With a 20 gauge, you will have less pellets to drop the deer. Take into consideration distance, too.

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SMITHEREENS.....thats what your deer will look like, lol
and nothing left to eat.

Use a bow. It's less noisy and not as messy.

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I always use a 50 caliber black powder rifle when I go deer hunting. It will take a deer down in no time. It wont leave tear up the meat like the shotgun will.

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So far, the folks who have answered obviously know NOTHING about hunting deer with a shotgun. We ain't talking about using birdshot folks. We are talking about slugs.

20 guage is fine. That's what I use. It shoots faster and flatter for the most part.

Using a pump is more reliable than an auto. Less stuff to screw up.

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A 20gauge pump is a great gun for deer hunting..and yes.use slugs...a 20 ga. is a good gun for anything out to about 100 yards!

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If you know the limitations of your equipment, a 20 gauge makes a nice deer gun.

Personally, the first gun I hunted with was a 20 ga. break action shotgun.

The first thing I have to say is not to use pellets unless state law mandates it. Some pellets (like 00 buckshot) work, but the range is limited, it tends to ruin meat, and the shot placement is not very predictable (you only have a general idea where the pellets will hit).

I would opt for using slugs. If you can afford it and your gun allows it, I would get a rifled deer barrel for the shotgun. I have found that the rifled slug barrels with the “sabot” type slugs are very accurate. I have this combination in my 12 gauge and have no problems hitting a 2 in target at 100 yards with open sites.

If you can not put a rifled barrel on the shotgun, then used rifled slugs. They make rifled chokes for smoothbore barrels, but I do not think these are worth the money. With a smooth barrel and rifled slugs, accuracy is OK at best. I wouldn’t shoot at anything farther than 50 yards away. The nice thing about the rifled slugs is that they are large (about an ounce if I remember right) and when you hit something with them, it does quite a bit of damage.

Good Luck. Have a happy and safe hunting season.

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the 20GA is as nice a firearm as any for deer hunting as long as you use slugs that is its all a matter of opinion anyways personally i like a 4-10 or 22mag one shot in the neck and its all over for the poor little Bambi

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It depends on where you live. I use a 20 guage shotgun for deer and I have always taken at least one. I also use bow for them as well. I live in Ohio so unless you are out west I think you should be fine. If you live in a state that allows rifles also your shots might be a bit farther away so use a shotgun that allows sabot slugs for better range. Borrow several shotguns first to try out and see which one you like the best. Anyone that tells you you can use shot for deer is lying. Also, you don't need a 12 guage "cannon" either. 20 guage is just fine especially if you have good shot placement. Feel free to email me for more info if you want it.

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I wouldn't recommend it. You'll be plucking the shot out of your burgers!

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If you are hunting in a state which prohibits hunting deer with a rifle then you are pretty much left with a choice of either a handgun, muzzleloader or shotgun. I assume that you are in such a state. Most people who hunt deer with a shotgun use a 12 guage. The velocity of a 12 guage slug is not significantly different from the velocity of a 20 guage shotgun but the big difference is in the weight of the slug. The 20 guage slug is much lighter than a 12 guage slug and consequently delivers a lot fewer foot pounds of energy to the target. If you are planning to use buckshot, be sure that it is legal in the place that you are hunting. Here in Indiana, we are not allowed to use a rifle and if we use a shotgun, we must shoot only slugs. If you can use buckshot, the 20 guage will deliver the shot to the target with the same energy as a 12 guage but there will be significantly fewer shot in a 20 guage shell than in a 12 guage shell. The bottom line is that even if your state allows the use of a 20 guage shotgun for deer hunting, your best bet is to try to find a 12 guage with a slug barrel and hunt with slugs.

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20 gauge with slugs is a fine choice, i've killed several with my 870 rem. and thats not with any fancy slug barrel!! keep shots 100 yards or less. oh, and you won't tear up the meat any worse than you would with any.30 cal. rifle or muzzle loader.

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20 gauge sbits work great and lives a hole about the size of any 44 cale riffle shell would leave and kicks less

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k this is what you do. buy a mossberg 500 20 gauge deer combo. its got a 26 inch barrel with choke, and a scope and mount 22 inch rifled slug barrel. best gun i have ever used.

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yes i use one it works great

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