Airguns okay?

my son wants an airgun but i dont now if i should get him one he is 13


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An airgun is a great way to introduce a youngster to firearms. Airguns are relatively inexpensive and the ammo is dirt cheap. You can use the airgun to teach the child all of the safe gun handling rules including the "Golden Rule" which is to always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.

Be warned though that newer pellet guns can reach rimfire velocities and should be treated as a firearm. The same goes for all airguns as well. There is no "Safe" gun. They all can injure and your child needs to completely understand how to use them properly whether it's a serious pellet gun or a toy airsoft gun.

It just comes down to whether or not you think your child is responsible enough yet or not.

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my sons 14 i got him a paintball gun .plus he uses a shotgun for hunting ,would he have a place to use it? for what?is he responsable?

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I my oppinion only under a responsible adult supervision.

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Well go for it and let him have one But make sure you keep it in the yard or somewhere you know that is ok because i knew someone who went to court because he was playing somewhere he shouldent have been

keep it safe and it is the best thing in the world

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yes as long as your willing to teach him gun safety, and be responcable. i would suggest keeping the gun locked up when you are not around to watch him. even though it is only an air gun, it is still able to kill someone at close range.

i recieved a airgun when i was 10 or 11, but it was just a bb gun, and not very powerful. when i was 14 i saved up and bought a gamo air rifle(my mom didn't know at first). that is a good age to start learning how to shoot a gun. you should get him into a hunter's safety course. see how he does with the airgun, then maybe step him up to a .22 or a shotgun.

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air guns as in airsoft?? if you are talking about arisoft yes... airsoft is very realistic compared to paintball and wont break your pocket. i have a m4a1 that goes 400 feet per second. believe me this is a hobby that you and your son can both get into it depends on how much fun or how serious you are about it. some guns are full metal and have every component of a real gun and some are plastic. some are 400$ and some are 20$... it is also relatively save knowing it uses electricity rather than dangerous c02. good luck on your decision.

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Get him one, I am 14 and I hunt with rifles and shotguns, I also target practice with a .45. In fact, it is better to start him off with a .22 so he can realize the power of a gun, but if he wants an airgun, thats fine, its also a great way to introduce him to guns, the best manufacturer is Gamo, i have several of their airguns and they are indestructable.

P.S. If he buys an air rifle tell him to watch out for the blowback(recoil), especially if he is using a scope, if his eye is too close to the scope and he fires, it could hurt him, belive me, i know.

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