Adjusting draw weight on a pse mach 6 bow?


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To adjust draw weight on a bow it's a matter of tightening or loosening your limb bolts (the bolts that hold your limbs on) You need to turn both of them the same amount of revolutions. I would not turn them more then one half turn at a time untill you get the desired effect.Remember Though! it only takes about 4 or 5 revolutions out from the fully tightened position before you could possibly release the limbs(not good)! It would be best, at least the first time to go to a bow shop and have it done.They would have a bow scale to measure the weight. Never go below the minimum weight your bow is rated at! Good Luck!!

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You best take it to a Bow tech. That way he can show you. It
doesn't cost much It maybe nothing.With mine Its a Hoyt protech I loosen adjustment on the side of the limbs then move them to desired draw weight.

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I don't know your bow but most you can tighten or losen the limbs. Better yet take it in and have a bow tech. adjust it for you (It might cost $5).

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