Advice on buying a skateboard for a beginner...?

My daughter is 12 and she wants to start skateboarding. She has been asking for about a year now if she could, so I guess she is really interested and its not just what she thinks is cool right now. I am 110% behind her, so I wanted to get her a board to start with, only problem is I can’t really say I know too much about it. Last time I even touched a board I was 12 and that was 15 years ago. So if anyone has a recommendation on a good board, trucks, wheels etc. to start her with, I would love some pointers. I don’t want to just go to Kmart and buy some crap board that’s going to make it harder for her to learn. Thanks for your time


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Wow you're a cool mom, here's the low down on getting a nice board for her.

You could simply buy a complete board already put together anywhere, they're nice for beginners because making a custom board is usally the second stage for skateboarders once they get good enough, that way you spend more money on something that isn't getting smashed around all over the place there for it stays nicer. kmart and chinamart boards suck I'm glad you already agree.

Good brand decks are Almost, Plan B, Zero, Powell mini logo(cheaper blank deck), Blind, Girl, element(not one of my favs but it is among new skaters not the best just popular). You can get these as complete from anywhere online or at sporting stores like dunhams, dicks sporting(online they ship for free) or any skate shop. For a beginner these are fine but if you want to spend more and build one here's the good stuff to put on it.

Independant, thunder and krux make the best trucks, I've been using indy trucks since I first started skateboarding 15 years ago and they've NEVER failed me, good stuff there, I also like thunder trucks.

Spitfire, bones, pig all make good wheels, spitfire probably used the most out of all the brands out there very popular and very nice.

For bearings you'll want bonse reds or bones swiss, the swiss will cost more but last longer, after she trashed her first deck the bearings will probably still be good enough to transfer over to the new wheels and deck thats how good they are.

Grip tape not a huge deal I usally use mob but anything that isn't the colored stuff is good. Colored grip tape doesn't last very long.

Hardware isn't a big deal either anything that fits is great. I use shorties and lucky's not because it's the best just because I do lol it's good. There are osme sites to go and look for skateboards. i've personally used and they're pretty nice they have a build a board option that's cool. Good luck an dhope this helps. I probably answer this question 3-4 times a nigh tforgive me if some spelling is off it's late :-P

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if you can find a zumiez store, the guys who work at those are seriously the best. they will reccomend the best of everything, to make sure you get a board thats right for your needs. they usually have a package deal where you get a discount if you buy everything together, and then most of the time they will even assemble it for you. a lot of skateshops will do this for you, so just shop around. do some research online though so if you hear something that doesnt sound quite right to you, you dont get gyped or something. the actual deck itself is a personal preferance, so make sure your daughter picks that part of it.


Look around for a skate shop in your area. The people there usually help you out and stuff and the one i go to sells their decks, trucks, and stuff for WAY cheaper prices than stores like Zumiez and stuff.

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I am going to lay this out in steps for you:

step 1: Decide if you want to buy online or from a store. i would recommend in a store so that someone can help you further decide.

step 2: The Deck - you are going to need to choose a deck. maybe get a girl(skateboard company) deck, element, flip, zoo york, baker, and world industries are all good decks. i have a an element and flip, but i guarantee that you will be happy with all those brands.

step 3: The Trucks - you are also going to need to choose trucks. i recommend royals or grind kings.

step 4: The Hardware - harware is simply the nuts and bolts that will hold your board together. for this company doesnt really matter as it doesnt affect your skating, but i have shorty's and they are fine.

step 5: The Griptape - Griptape also doesnt really matter and it doesnt affect your skating. black diamond is good though

step 6: The Bearings - i recommend reds; the most common

step 7: The Wheels - this step is a little tricky; ask your daughter what she will be doing on her skateboard will it be just riding around or tricks too. if shes going to be doing tricks then get bigger wheels and if shes doin cruising get bigger wheels. cruising brands-kryptonics; for tricks any other kind

hope i didnt miss anything
good luck and happy skating

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if this is her firs board dont get her a super expensive deck i would get her an almost or and enjoi but she might like a girl (thats a brand) becuse most girls skate girl. some good wheels are ricta wheels they last forever(hint:put your wheels in the freezer for about three days and they will last 10 times longer.) only do that with just the wheels. good trucks are thunder trucks and some good bearings are bons.

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