Where can i get rid of old ammunition?


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Bound's hubby here:

Old ammunition does not necessarily have to be unusable. I still shoot .30 military ammo that was loaded in the 50s. I also have a large ammount of steel cased .45s from the early 40s that I shoot, safely.

I even have paper and plastic shotgun shells that my grandfather had from the 50s and 60s (before he died) that are safe to shoot, provided they are fired in a modern firearm.

If you are hesitant to fire any of you old ammo, talk to a local cop or state trooper, chances are that their department can take it off of you and despose of it. You can also contact a "old-timer" gun smith or gun shop (not a gun department store) and see if they can take it off your hands.

Good luck!

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I'll take it ..

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Sell it on the streets.

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i would contact either the nra or a local police department for that sort of help.

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most police stations have a way of destroying old ammo safely, contact your local station and ask if they can, or if they know where you can.

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I do not know what city you are in, but most cities have a home page, go there, or ask your local police dept.

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How old is it? If it is old enough, a good place to find buyers is at a large gun/knife show. If it isn't all that old, shoot it up or give it to a friend who can shoot it up. [And NO, not like in "shootin up" drugs, either].

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I'd shoot it. As long as you have a fairly new gun it shouldn't be a problem.

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same as bound out of a modern gun it should still shoot safely i just shot up 3 bxs of paper shotgun shells minus the 10 or so that were very clearly marked that i saved. shoot them at the range or out in a back field though some may have become duds or just simply lost power and i wouldn't want one of them in my hunting rifle when the shot has to count. or the local law enforcement agency will be able to help you out. best of luck

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I work for my local Police Dept. and we do not destroy any ordinance. You can buy a bulk canister of WD-40 and soak the ammo in it for a period of time to de-arm it. I have heard this is a proven way of demilling it, but I haven't personally tried it. If you have a bullet puller, available where reloading supplies are sold, you can separate the bullet from the casing and empty out the powder, leaving only the small primer charge intact, then you definately could de-arm it with WD-40. No agency will take the ammo to destroy, unless maybe if they have a bomb squad, or someone trained in ordinance/demolitions. It all depends on how old it is. If it is not corroded around the case or primer anywhere, it should still be safe to destroy by using it up. Hope I could help.

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