About rattlesnake?

Is rattlesnake in danger of extintion?


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Their are 14 common species of Rattlesnake in North America
Each state generates it’s own list of Protected and or Endangered, it varies from state to state.
In my home state the Pygmy Rattlesnake (Sistrurus militaries) is protected.
Some states consider The Western Diamond Back (Crotalus atrox) a game species and have seasons and bag limits and even require permits to hunt.
With the exclusion of land Owners/Leasers are allowed to control nuisance problems on their land.
With the exception of protected species which will be relocated by Department of Wildlife personnel or agents.

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Far from it. They have "rattlesnake roundups" every year in Sweetwater, TX for example to control the population.

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No, rattlesnakes are all over the place in Kansas.

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No, they are doing very well. I live in Colorado and I've actually been seeing more snakes lately this past summer and it wouldn't surprise me to see even more this year!

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if i see one it is dead and there are many dead rattlers out there from me seeing them .so there must be a lot of live ones

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Not here in Montana, there is alot of them.

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Rattlers are plentiful here but are somewhat protected. They are very shy and when hunted too much the rodent population goes crazy so they are a much needed specie just give them a wide birth. and leave them alone.

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