A quick question about whaling...?

Question:Hi, just a quick question to any whalers out there or people with contacts in the whaling industry. Do you happen to have any good links to distribution firms interested in purchasing soap made from baby mink whale fat?

I have 3 tons of the stuff and would like to get rid of it sharpish - ebay seems illequipped to deal with my requirements. I can freight the stuff anywhere internationally.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Actually I would have been interested because you can make some fantastic Mr Whippy ice cream with a bit of whale fat but my girlfreinds been at the mince pies over the festive season to say the least (she's over 8 stones now) and I'm sending her in for drastic liposuction this evening so I'll knock some up with that. You could try the body shop though. Not sure who you would need to speak to now that dyke Roddick sold out to some corporate chemical giant but I know a lot of their products contain whale fat. It's good quality stuff.

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ha, this rates high-ish on the entertainment value scale

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jeez 3 tons? thats alot. i suggest giving it to people who smell bad.

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I'll buy it! I'll send you a cashier check from my client, but it'll have to be for more than the amount you request, then you can send me the balance via Western Union.

That was a joke, if someone was naive enough to take me seriously.

Technically, I think this should be under Fishing.

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And you said a letigitimate question in the humting section was perverted... How twisted you are, and I'll buy the fat you are selling at $ .01 a pound if you can keep your dubious word regarding delivery.

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