***Skateboarders only***?

Question:whats the difference of big wheels and small wheels?
which has more speed, and what size is good to do tricks?


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the bigger the wheel the faster you go, vert riders use bigger wheels because they need to go faster, street skaters use smaller wheels, being i do both with the same deck at times i use a 54mm 52-54 is common 55 and up usally used by vert skaters. So 52-55 is good for all tricks no size will be the best it's all trial and error towards your riding, and what you like.

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Bigger is generally for ramp skating. Small more for street. Personally I like a middle sized because street skate but don't really like how slow the small wheels are.

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big wheels:mostly for vert skating, heavy
small wheels: mostly for street skating, its more light so its easier to flip the board when ur doing flip tricks

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