Advice on hiking purifiers?

What are the best purifiers? Going to Philmont Scout Ranch this summer. Need advice



According to their website each group is provided free of charge "Water purification chemical" which should be sufficient.
But they also mention that each group should carry "Two or three water purifiers/filters" so I guess that's where you got the idea from?

You should know there's a difference between a water purifier and a water filter and for almost anywhere in North America you do not need a water purifier, which is good because water filters are a lot cheaper.

The Katadyn Hiker PRO Water Filter
$69.95 is an excellent model that's been around for several years and is known for reliability and ease of use.

Timberline makes both an ultralight filter, and a gravity filter that could provide water for your entire group.

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Yes, purifiers are less needed than filters in the US but it is always safe. If cost isn't an issue, one of the best that I like selling is the Steripen System. It is small and compact and comes with both a purifier and a filter. The purifier is a UV light purifier that kills almost all microbes and harmful agents. It also comes with a pre-filter to get the gunk out that screws right on to a wide-mouth Nalgene bottle.
If this is a little out of your price range, you can always go for the Katadyn system or a set of chemical tablets. Potable Aqua makes an iodine tablet that kills off harmful stuff and comes with a taste nuetralizer to help get rid of that nasty iodine taste. You might want to pump filter this too if the water is dirty.

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What trek are you going on? I was at Philmont last August. Are you going with your troop or with council? We used an MIOX purifier. It worked in most cases. It uses rock salt as a catalyst. It worked well until we used it at Clear Creek. We also used the Chlorine Tabs we were given. The water at most camps is potable and it all had a pleasant taste. (Zastrow had the best tasting water, Cimarroncito was the worst).

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