Airsoft gun in california?

My 14 yr. old son wants an airsoft gun (small one) to shoot in the backyard. I'm not sure what the laws are about this and need more info before purchasing it for him. We have a small back yard with neighbors, I was wondering if the guns are loud.


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a spring pistol would be the best because they are silent, they dont go as fast as electric, they are very small, and the #1 choice is they are dirt cheap..the rule is if it does not have a orange tip, it is considered a firearm so if you do get him one, dont let him hide that tip..

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They are not loud at all, and if he wants to shoot in the backyard, that's cool, just as long as he understands that the bullets the airsoft gun shoots can hurt someone if he shoots at them, as long as he doesn't intentionally shoot at your neighbors or neighbors pets, you'll be ok.

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No, they aren't loud, just slightly powerful. Small animals or other people(children most of all, or adult males hit below the belt) may scream in absolute agony despite their best efforts to the contrary. Did I mention that they CAN be modified legally and with the plans that are included with these products to make them shoot faster and with more power too?

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