{$300:} When you bait a hook and throw it into a stream or a lake, you are most likely trying to catch what?

Question:an old tire

a mermaid

a cold

a fish


Where can i buy a quality, sensibly priced pair of hiking boots for men size UK 14?

a fish (usually) :)

About Air or Airsoft guns at wal-mart? Will they work fine?

yeah guess that would be a fish. just send a certified check or money order to blah blah blah

Looking for info or history of a Matador Shotgun?

a tree bass at least thats what i usually catch :( lol

Are there any rollerblade clubs near quincy, fl?

a fish. but if you happen to hook a plastic bag by the handles, it puts up a hell of a fight! lol

What is a better shotgun? a browning bps hunter or a ithaca model 37 (m37) feather light?

Usually a fish but I'd rather catch a mermaid

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