44_40 winchester rifle?

what is the price list for a 44_40 winchester with peep sights and octogon barrel? model number 72 or 73? It also has saddle rings.


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No peep sights and saddle rings on these but I would say look at gun broker.

Its got a buy it now at $3,500.00

Its got a buy it now at $5,500.00


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That would be a model 73 Winchester the classic wichester of the frontier days of the Wild West. There even was a movie made about it. Condition is everything with old Winchesters, but we are talking in the multiple thousand of dollars. A plain jane one in so so condition would bring $1200 minimum. One with peep sights and an octagon barrel in really nice shape could go for four or five times that. Guns like this are best sold at an auction, there is uncertainty as to how much it would fetch but it would be higher than a dealer would pay.

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It is hard to appraise a rifle without seeing it. That you say it has peep sights seems to indicate that it has been modified, usually modifications lower value on collectible firearms.

Depending on the condition $200 to $1000. Should be a '73, as I don't remember a Model '72? Remember, Winchester closed its doors so consider keeping it.

Good luck.


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Very important questions to determine value.

1. - Is it an original Winchester or is it a modern made reproduction? One of the most important factors in determining value.

2. What is the range of the serial number, don't post the whole number just an approximation such as 123xxx, so that an idea of year of production may be reached. This is important only if it is an original Winchester Model of 1873.

3. Are there any other markings on the rifle? Such as "One of One Hundred" or "One of One Thousand."

4. What is the condition of the rifle? Is it rusted solid, or perfect in every way, or what point in between? If it is an original Winchester, this is less important than it would be in an Italian made reproduction.

5. Is it plain or engraved?

6. What is the barrel length? Winchester made them as short as 12" and as long as 36" and every increment in between.

7. Tell us about the peep site. Is it mounted on the bolt? Is it mounted on the side of the rifle, or in the rear sight dovetail on the barrel? Can you see markings to identify the maker of the peep sight? i.e. Williams, Marbles or other.

8. Tell us something about the stock and stocking material. Does it have a crescent butt-plate, i.e. deeply curved with very sharp points at top and bottom with steel or brass butt-plate. Does it have a carbine/shotgun-style butt-plate, i.e. very shallow curve with steel or plastic butt-plated. Is the wood straignt grained walnut, or does it have lots of figure.

9. Does it show evidence of having been refinished? The easiest to spot sign of this is whether or not the makers's marking are clear or if they have been ground or buffed off.

10. And finally where is the rifle located? Just post City, State, and country. Like real estate, gun value is dictated by location to some extent. Not as much now as in the time before internet sales, but still a factor.

If you know anything about the provenance of the gun, that will be helpful as well. I've seen rusted solid rifles with solid provenances linking them to famous people bring six-figure prices at auction, and I've seen good condition shooter grade guns go for under a $1,000.00.

You might want to drop in at the forums at www.sixshootercommunity.com and www.leverguns.com to post your question. Post as much of the info as I requested as possible. There are lots of highly knowledgeable gun cranks who hang out there. You might even want to address your question to Old Dan, and Jack Fowler, they are highly knowledgeable of Winchesters and their values.

Sorry to be so long winded, but if you want a good idea of value, thses are things that an appraiser would need to know. BTW, if possible, some photos would be most helpful in establishing a ballpark value figure. As I'm sure you know, a qualified appraiser will need to have a hands on appraisal to give a trulty accurate value.


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