A few years back u.s cav had a rifle that fired arrows with compressed air does anyone know where to find one?

it was used in a van dam movie hard to kill or hard target somthing like that


What is the best bait to use for crabbing on the west coast of bc canada?

Yep it was a real deal most often called a P.A.L. for Pneumatic Arrow Launcher.
Swivel Machine Works manufactured the one that US Cavalry marketed. They ceased production (at least for the civilian market ) in the mid 90's.

Where to find one? No clue. I suspect they are collectors items these days. I am not aware of any other manufacturers.

Sometimes Guns America has oddities on their site.

You can find some of the patent information from the second link below.

What size jig should I use for striper?

Sorry about that guy though you went nuts on use, I thought you were talking the U S Cavalry as in mounted solders, not the store, forgot all about the store.
Right across the street of The Store US Cav is another store that is their competition called Ranger Joe’s you might try it.
I would look but have no idea what you would call it, so you may wont to scan the link.

Link attached


First rule of thumb don’t buy what you see in movies.
The movie Predator shows some cat running around with a hand held Mini Gun too.
Any idea not only how hard it would be to hold on to, but control.
Let alone the rate of fire runs air craft out of ammo in a couple just of minutes with all the ammo they can carry. Just the weight of the weapon and power pack would be more then any one man could carry.

In one of the Dukes movies he rang a church bell with a 44/40 lever action from on top a mountain and the bell was right at 3 mile away, to let the towns people know he was in trouble.
And I am a fan of the DUKE.

Now some were made in back before they used bullet projectiles.
And I saw where they tried to do some thing similar for scuba divers for spear fishing but it was not as good as what they had.

But how I wish some of them were true, I for one would pay to hunt T-Rex.

That what makes the Movies fun, there full of Crap.

What is a zig rig?!Mentioned lots in carp magazines but never any diagrams to show it.How do you fish a zig?

A .410 can do the same, just remove the shot from the shell and place the arrow in the bbl. I have heard of a guy that does that for poaching deer during bow season.

Doesn't sound very smart or very safe but he gets off on it.

Don't try this at home children...

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