Airguns for pest control?

Question:I want to get an air rifle for killing pests on my land. I've included a link to an air rifle that I have found on the net (I'm in the UK) with the aim of humanely killing rabbits on my land and eating those that are in good enough condition.

Would this air rifle be good for this purpose, bearing in mind I've never shot before? Thanks!


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Hell yeah. Provided you hit it in the head. I don't think a rabbit will die from a body shot. I am glad to hear that you plan to eat it if possible. Good man. Good luck and happy hunting.

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Why would you want to eat a rabbit for??

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Well no, this would be extremely difficult for a beginner, its hard enough hitting a 1x1 metre target from 50 metres when a beginner, however crazy it sounds believe me. Perhaps you should get some lessons at a range or soemthing, before even trying to shoot animals (which you have to be sure is legal and inside your property in the UK).

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not likely they are the cheapest pieces of garbage that ive ever shot. stay well away.
these guns dont hold power. dont shoot accurately and dont last. waste of time and money. it will probably put you off shooting and cause you much frustration as you miss sitters all day.
get a gamo or crosman or a bsa. you will need to spend more but you'll be thankful in the long run. try for a decent selection of airguns.

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If you are getting the B2, buy the .22 calibre and make sure you zero the sight for a suitable distance. Provided your aim and technique is good, you should get a quick kill if you hit them in the head. For that you need to get close enough and a hide may be necessary. Also, always make sure that you shoot down so that the pellet does not travel far beyond the target if you missed.
Alternatively, you could try a humane trap and finish them off with a shot to the head. Make sure they are not diseased before eating them. Good luck.

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I have 2 RWS/ is .177 (bb) and one is .22. i use pointed 'hunting' pellets and a small scope, and have been very successful in killing crows and various other varmints. they each cost about $400 USD.

the .177 has a lot more velocity, the.22 has more shock on impact. a clean head shot or throat shot with the .177 is all it takes...the .22 can kill with head or lung your body shot right behind the crook of the front leg. that puts it in the lungs and heart, and the animal doesn't suffer.

keep your ranges below 30 paces for good accuracy and impact...and practice practice practice so that your shots are effective and humane.

we int the Old South in the US eat rabbit and squirrel a LOT...chicken-fried is best. be sure to thoroughly cook, as with all wild game, to ensure your own safety.

good luck.

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I've got a .177 Weirauch HW80K with the carbine barrel. It really packs a punch and is virtually unbreakable. Its only downside is that it is on the heavy side. A .22 might be better for taking out rabbits as the pellet is heavier.
I really think that Weirauch is a top quality make.

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we shoot three times a week i have a daystate harrier 12ft leagal limit it does the buisness ad rabbits at 40yrds plus but i shoot at night with a small gun mounted lamp with red filter if you quiet you can get right on top of them

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No is the simple answer. It is a very poorly made Chinese rifle and that is why it is so cheap. A friend of mine bought one last summer and could not hit a barn door from inside the barn with it! I hasten to add that he was a good shot. When we examined the rifle we found the barrel to have a 5mm bend in it.

If your funds are limited I would suggest a BSA springer. You can get a s/h one for around the £100 mark.

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