***skateboarders only***?

does it matter what shoes i have on to do a ollie?


I just purchased MILLENNIUM PT140 .40 S&W POLYMER PISTOL.?

no but good shoes will help


those r 4great brands

What is the best fishing tackle to use in lower parts of new york?


Does anyone have any good crabbing tips?

not really, I personally like DC's though

Ways to convince my parents?

you're a poser.

Has anyone tried the new "Mann's Hard Nose Baits" plastics for bass?

Roller Bladers rule and skateboarders drool.

Pond fishing.bass, blue gill, ect.. some tips?

no, I started skateboarding 15 years ago with a worn out pair of adidas track shoes. I like adio and dvs but shoes are shoes specially skateboard shoes they all do the same thing work in the same ways, the skater and the board ar ethe only way to make ollies better or to be able to even do an ollie.

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