Whats the best fishing line for bass?


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berkley big game 17 or 18 pound test

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Ask the fish if she comes here often. They love that one.

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Trilene big game.Bass are fun to catch.My biggest bass was 6lbs and that line worked great. Good luck.

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What kind of bass are you talking about, Spiderwire is good for freshwater bass of all sizes cause their line is braided and it can sit in water for 2 years without rotting and their line comes in different package colors based on the weight capacity, as for sea bass I don't know what to tell you cause I've only gone deep sea fishing once and I caught nothing.

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you need to add some specifics to your question. do you want to know which brand is best, or which pound test is best?

line strength of 10-20 pound test depending upon conditions and type of lure used. 10 pound test will cast farther, gives you more feel for the lure, but is more likely to break.

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Save yourself some money and buy Cabela's store brand, "Proline". I use it all the time from 6lb to 20 lb test. It works great and is less than half the price of the major brands.

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Power Pro
around 1/3 the diameter of mono,
Is braided so there is no memory(does not look like a slinky)
Is very abrasion resistant.
No leader is needed unless the water is perfectly clear.
Wont cut if you catch a fish with teeth. Like pike or musky.

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I started using Berkley Vanish a couple of years ago and love it. It doesn't have high memory and seems to cast better. I usually use 10-12 lb test, but I love a challenge.

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I love Spider Wire because it is a braided, abrasion resistant line. Good line I recommend to anyone.

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I like maxima, Spiderwire is good too but its cut groves in the top eye of my fishing ploe

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It depends on how your fishing really. But If your looking for a mono line that is low maintenance and great quality for your money, go with Sufix. I have most of my reels spooled with Sufix seige in different diameters for different applications. Sufix seige if a great line with high cast-ability, very low memory(almost none at all), and is very strong for the test that it is marketed at. I caught a 5 lb bass on 8 lb line, pulling the bass out of heavy weeds, and the line held up great. I checked my knot after I released the lunker, and it hadn't even slip. My Dad was having trouble with Trilene line, so I went and bought him a spool of Sufix seige 8lb line, and he hasn't had any trouble since. And actually said it is the best he's ever had. Give it a try and I think you won't be disappointed. Just make sure you put it on right. Have fun fishin'!

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If you are fishing for big bass you want to use at least 8-10 pound line. The best brand for fishing line is berkley.

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I use Berkley and Shakespeare both braided. test depends on where I am fishing and what I am fishing for. I try to stay in the 8 to 10 range... I like the sensitivity of light lines and the challenge of finessing them.

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When fishing for large mouth or small mouth bass, I use 10lb Berkley Trilene clear. Adjust your drag so it won't break the line. The idea is that you use the smallest pound test line that you can get away with because the fish will see the line and the lighter the line, the thinner it is. Also it allows better play in your lure.

Just remember, when tieing a fishing knot to ALWAYS put plenty of spit on the line before you pull it tight. The friction from tightening a fishing knot Will burn and weaken the line and cause the line to break.

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bro im a pro bass angler from mississippi i would honestly say silver thread has been my number 1 so far if you would like to know more email me on sum tip's bud

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I fish mainly smallmouths and I have caught good sized fighters (3 lbs and up) and I have never used over 8 lbs test. In fact I usually fish with 4 lbs mono. Berkly smooth cast and vanish line have worked the best for me. In my experience the thinner the line u use, the better the fishing will be.

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There is a new line out on the market and I don't think this line can be beat, it's called Gamma line it comes in pretty much any size. I have used the 8lb. green and clear and have had great results on the Potomac river, Lake Champlain, and Smith mountain Lake. Their is no comparision and it is fairly cheap $7.50 to $8.95 for a 330 yard spool. You can get it at dicks sporting goods or gander mountain or contact Gamma line and check local listings. I've caught fish off docks in the rocks in the weed beds and have had no problem with it. Good luck If you need more info feel free to contact me.

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There are many people that are "brand specific". I myself have tried just about every line out there and for the money. Red Cajun in the 12-15 lb test range works well for baitcast and spinning reels. 6-8 lb test on ultra-light poles work great for a little different presentation

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I really love to use Triplefish mono for my spinning rods. Great strength and no issues. I do use the new inexpensive Suffix line on my lighter line spinning rods as the line has little to no memory and it won't coil so badly as some lines. For the heavier poles (frog, jignpig,etc) I use Power Pro. It is awesome for frog fishing as it cuts right through the lilly pads and helps you keep the fish on top with a faster reel.

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