.17 hmr by henry or the .17 mach 1 by henry?

I will mainly by shooting coyotes


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Neither. If you are looking for a short-range coyote gun, the minimum you should consider is the .22 Hornet. It is enough gun to do the job without any recoil and a relatively mild report. The little 17 and 20 grain bullets of the .17 calibers that you mentioned just don't have enough energy and penetration to do an adequate job on a coyote. If you are not concerned with the location where you are hunting (not very populated) then I would go for a .223 or a .243 would be even better. Coyotes are a lot tougher than people give them credit. The last coyote I saw shot travelled about 90 yards after being hit with a load of 00 buck from a 12 gauge at about 45 yards.

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A .17 is a little small for coyotes but if you are going to use one use the hmr

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The HMR will have more power behind it than the mach 1. If you compare the case size, the HMR is quite a bit bigger than the mach 1, which means it has more powder.

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I'm concerned at you choice of a .17 for coyotes. They are a lot tougher than most give them credit for and my personal opinion is that .17 is too small. Don't forget you always have an obligation to track down a wounded animal and that these canines have teeth and can use them when wounded and cornered. Better to go with a one-shot for the kill for sure.

The .17s are a great development for targets and small critters..but face it most 'yotes ain't small rodents.

Check your state laws on minimum calibers for various game.

Please read the links to discussions on the topic from others more knowledgeable than myself...

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I think that the .17 is just too light for coyotes. If I were you, I'd select something a bit more powerful like at least a .223. .22-250 is a good round, too. You have a moral responsibility to ensure a clean kill and a .17 just won't give you that assurance. It is not only cruel to wound an animal and leave it to slowly die but it is immoral and unethical to do so.

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